Melanie (d0ntblink) wrote in s0methingpretty,

My lovely application.


Name:Melanie Natale
Grade/Occupation: 13th?? nah I just graduated high school . Im a hostess at a seafood restaurant(The Lazy Lobster)
Location:Sarasota Florida

8 Adored Bands//Groups//Musicians:
+ Pat Benatar
+Pink Floyd
+ Foo Fighters
+ Sublime
+Cyndi Lauper
+ David Bowie
+Dashboard Confessionals

8 Adored Movies [any type]:
+High Fidelity
+Meet me in St. Louis
+HIstory of the World part 1
+Back to the Future pt2
+Weird Science

Deviant or notable hobbies//obsessions//interests//persuits:
Im a crafter. I have a shoe and purse fetish . I once traveled 4 hours for Krispy kreme donuts. I CANNOT eat coleslaw for the pure fact that there is pineapple and mayo in the same container.

[Your Views on:]

Being sXe [straight edge] [~] I beleive that you dont have to have a label to tell people what you can and cant do . "Oh i cant do that because I'm edge". I think thats lame. but people who dont shout it to the world are pretty cool.
Abortion [~]Do what you want. if you forgot to cap it before you tapped it and you dont think your ready for a child (financially or emotionally) then by all means go for it.
Homosexuality [~]I dont have a problem with it .
Religion [~] I , personally , dont beleive in any religion but my friends are hxc christians and I dont have a problem with it . I only hate when religion is forced upon you .
The Human Race [~] we are a bunch of materialistic creatures.

Favorite Class//Subject [~] Psychology
Sid Vicious [Just Because :P] [~] gorgeous

+++ If you were allowed into this community, what criteria would you use to rate people? a sense of humor and I'd have to like at least one of the bands they liked.

+++ Would you say no to someone who didn't share interests with you? heck no.

+++ What talents, abilities, or insights could you bring into this community?
i tend not to judge people based on an application

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me again.
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