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Name:Leena Degunion
Grade/Occupation:16/cashier at Larrys Giant Subs
Location:Griffin, GA

8 Adored Bands//Groups//Musicians:
+The Dwarves
+The Ramones
+The Misfits
+Bad Religion
+Circle Jerks

8 Adored Movies [any type]:
+The Notebook
+Liar Liar
+A Nightmare on Elm St.
+The Longest Yard
+American Wedding
+The Truth About Deamons

Deviant or notable hobbies//obsessions//interests//persuits:
I play bass.

[Your Views on:]

Being sXe [straight edge] [~]Its cool..I mean if thats what your into its not like I'm gonna come up to you with a beer and force it down your throat, I have more repect then that.
Abortion [~]If you have a logical reason for getting it then its no problem...I mean like being raped or something similar, not b/c you whore yourself around for a living.
Homosexuality [~]Not against it, I have alot of gay friends.
Religion [~]I respect other ppls religions, I'm just not religious myself so dont force your religion on me and I wont dis on yours.
The Human Race [~]We cool..hehe.

Favorite Class//Subject [~]Math..Ima nerd
Sid Vicious [Just Because :P] [~]Hes hot as hell..I have him as my desktop pic.

+++ If you were allowed into this community, what criteria would you use to rate people?Hmm if they seemed cool and not all b*tchy and stuff. I hate mean ppl.

+++ Would you say no to someone who didn't share interests with you? N/A I have respect for what other ppl are into I dont judge by that, just by character (how they act)

+++ What talents, abilities, or insights could you bring into this community? Hmm I'm good at giving advice if that counts.

-insert picture(s) here (1 to 3 pictures)-
IDK what this is about

Looking up

I'm gangsta
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