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Gwen Stefani


Name: Mara
Age: 17
Grade/Occupation: Senior
Location: u.s.a

8 Adored Bands//Groups//Musicians:
+ Dashboard Confessional
+ Relient K
+ Alanis Morrisette
+ Sugarcult
+ Kenny Chesney
+ Taking Back sunday
+ my chemical romance
+ my boyfriend singing

8 Adored Movies [any type]:
+ men in black
+ monster's inc
+ lilo and stitch
+ phantom of the opera
+ Oceans 11
+ Oceans 12
+ Lord of the Rings Series
+ Hercules

Deviant or notable hobbies//obsessions//interests//persuits: sports, writing, drawing, singing, dancing, humorous, good with computers when i want to be

[Your Views on:]

Being sXe [straight edge] [~] just be yourself.. o_o;
Abortion [~] against inless it is damaging your health, and im stuck in the middle with pregnancies from rape *unsure*
Homosexuality [~] against, because im a Christian and its frowned on in the Bible, but i dont hate them, they are just humans to me.
Religion [~] I think it is a good thing, as long as you dont abuse it.
The Human Race [~] People suck.

Favorite Class//Subject [~] Geography
Sid Vicious [Just Because :P] [~] eh?

+++ If you were allowed into this community, what criteria would you use to rate people? There attitude in their application and overall appearance

+++ Would you say no to someone who didn't share interests with you? No.

+++ What talents, abilities, or insights could you bring into this community? um. im smart when i want to be, and im funny

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