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Application :]


Name: Erika
Age: 16
Grade/Occupation: 11th
Location: Michigan

8 Adored Bands//Groups//Musicians:
+ Panic! at the Disco
+ Hinder
+ Cartel
+ Copeland
+ The Postal Service
+ Snow Patrol
+ Atmosphere
+ Hollywood Undead

8 Adored Movies [any type]:
+ Bad Boys II
+ Thirteen
+ Blue Crush
+ When a Stranger Calls
+ Save the Last Dance
+ Garden State
+ Where the Heart Is
+ House of Wax

Deviant or notable hobbies//obsessions//interests//persuits: I looove shopping, hanging out with my friends, taking walks in the rain, reading, cuddling with a cute boy, doing my hair and makeup, studying for something I believe in, debates, swimming, tanning, snowboarding (even though I suck) and writing.

[Your Views on:]

Being sXe [straight edge] [~] I dunno what that means but sure.
Abortion [~] It depends on the situation. If you were raped and are young and are in nooo situation to have the baby, or it may have a mental illness or something sure, but if you were just uncareful and didn't worry about it, atleast have it and put it up for adoption.
Homosexuality [~] Whatever floats your boat, more power to yah.
Religion [~] I don't believe in God and I don't have a religion but I don't bash others who do.
The Human Race [~] Lol, we're all cool.

Favorite Class//Subject [~] Journalism
Sid Vicious [Just Because :P] [~] Lol, awesome.

+++ If you were allowed into this community, what criteria would you use to rate people? I'd look at their views. Chances are if every single one of our views are different we won't get along all that great, but we might.

+++ Would you say no to someone who didn't share interests with you? No, having different intrests makes life interesting, lol.

+++ What talents, abilities, or insights could you bring into this community? I could be someone to talk to about anything and I can be a really good online friend. :]


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