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Woohoo! Another rating community!
This is a community for anyone rejected from all those communities who don't like you because you're you. Boy girl, prep goth, gay, straight... We're not biased. To join, you must read the rules first. Once you're in, you can post whatever you want (within reason and within the rules). Enjoy =)

1. Once you join, you must post within three days of the day you joined, or else you'll be banned.
2. To apply, fill out the survey. Questions have to be included, and try to keep it within a reasonable length (not too short, but not too long either). And please try to keep the profanity down to a minimum. You can swear, just not excessively.
3. No nude pictures. I'm serious. Even one nude picture will result in your being banned.
4. You must use lj-cut for applications, long entries, and entries including more than 1 picture (see the bottom for how to lj-cut, so that you have NO excuse lol...look for the *). But please, don't post 50 pictures of your baby cousin's birthday bash. We don't care. No offense. Keep it relevant and simple.
5. Don't be mean. There are nicer ways of turning someone down than "EW GOD NO YOU'RE HORRENDOUS. AAAH MY EYES!". Be nice. You wouldn't want a response like that yourself, would you?
6. If someone gives you a no, don't bitch at them. You can ask why they gave you a no, but after that, let it be.
7. You can't vote on anyone until one of the mods tells you you're stamped. We decide if you're stamped by counting up the votes after 2 days. The majority wins. If you're not accepted, try back in 2 weeks. Once you're stamped, you must post to tell the community you've been stamped.

and now for the...


8 Adored Bands//Groups//Musicians:

8 Adored Movies [any type]:

Deviant or notable hobbies//obsessions//interests//persuits:

[Your Views on:]

Being sXe [straight edge] [~]
Abortion [~]
Homosexuality [~]
Religion [~]
The Human Race [~]

Favorite Class//Subject [~]
Sid Vicious [Just Because :P] [~]

+++ If you were allowed into this community, what criteria would you use to rate people?

+++ Would you say no to someone who didn't share interests with you?

+++ What talents, abilities, or insights could you bring into this community?

-insert picture(s) here (1 to 3 pictures)-

And yes, that's it =) Have fun!

*how to do lj-cut:
<.lj-cut.> -your text here- <./lj-cut.>
just take out the periods.

wirdlitlfriik - Sarah
crawlymoth - Alex
aerodweezil - Eddy

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